4 February 2010

“A rose by any other name …”

The Indonesian word “samudra” (or samudera), meaning “ocean” in English, is part of the name of a number of companies in Indonesia. PT. Samudra Dyan Praga is one such company. Another company, and one that is not in any way related us, is PT. GAC Samudera Freight Services. We recently had the privilege of designing and constructing the GAC Samudera stand at “Indonesia Chain & Logistics Exhibition” held at the magnificent Grand Melia Hotel in Jakarta.

Anyone who has ever been involved in logistics and warehousing will know the difficulties that can arise in this business sector. Sending a small package half way around the world is as simple as picking up the phone and calling a parcel delivery service. They will pick up your package and get it to its destination. All the paperwork and shipping arrangements are taken care of by the parcel delivery service. But, what about when you are dealing with a large volume of goods that require warehousing and special logistics treatment to ensure that they stay in good condition, and are dispatched and delivered in a timely and safe manner,

Most would agree that calling in the professionals is far more efficient, far more reliable and far more cost effective than trying to manage all this by ourselves. Doing it ourselves, we can run up against a whole gamut of difficulties. Is there enough warehouse space available? Do we need special treatment, such as air conditioning, refrigeration, a dry environment, special security arrangements, or is there a need for careful hygiene arrangements? Are collection and delivery trucks available? Then there is the matter of import/export regulations, customs and excise, tariffs, not to mention that shipping or air freight arrangements need to be sorted out. Trans-shipping poses yet another set of problems that can bring about sleepless nights for the uninitiated.

Time to call in the professionals! GAC Samudera provides multinational transportation solutions from freight forwarding to third-party warehousing and distribution. As part of the well-known GAC Group, GAC Samudera is backed by a worldwide integrated logistics network that is second to none. Operating one of Indonesia's most advanced and modern distribution centres at Cikarang, East Jakarta, GAC offers 25,000 sqm of storage space and 35,000 pallet positions.

This flagship facility is supported by multi-user distribution centres in Medan and Surabaya. Inventory management is fully computerized and provides clients with on-line access to detailed information on transactions, inventory status, import and export volume as well as other statistics. GAC Samudera's computerized management system is designed for reliable, error-free performance to provide round-the-clock monitoring and supervision of all aspects of warehousing and logistics. Clients never have to worry about the safety of their goods, or whether they will be delivered on time and in perfect condition. GAC Samudera takes care of all of these matters in a highly professional and caring manner.

If you would like to know more about how GAC Samudera can solve your warehousing and logistics problems, visit their website or contact Ms. Upi Erawaty by email at upi_erawaty@gacworld.com.

PT. GAC Samudera Freight Services
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